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Still Cloudy On The Cloud?


Tech-savvy business owners know a secret: cloud computing brings with it a host of benefits: reduced IT costs, greater flexibility and mobility, security and peace of mind that the your organization's most important data is safe and accessible at all times.

But the term “cloud” is still perplexing to many, as indicated by this study by Wakefield Research.  From the study:

(T)here is a significant disconnect between what Americans know, what they pretend to know, and what they actually do when it comes to cloud computing.

“This survey clearly shows that the cloud phenomenon is taking root in our mainstream culture, yet there is still a wide gap between the perceptions and realities of cloud computing,”

In other words, the Cloud is a hot topic, but how many folks actually know what it actually it is or what it can do for them?  The study cites a few instances of cloud technology used in everyday life (social networking, online banking, file and photo storage), David Linthicum at InfoWorld thinks that the term “cloud” is suffering from overexposure:

The problem with cloud computing is the term itself. It's way too overused, covering way too many technology patterns. As a result, cloud computing has no specific meaning, which makes it both difficult to define and to understand, whether you're a cloud computing insider or an average American.

Based on this data, it’s no wonder that many a head is spinning among owners of small businesses. 

So how to get some clarity on the issue?  Easy, just get back to some simple and fundamental business thinking.  The “cloud” is just another tool for your business, just one of many offered by technology, and any investment in a business tool should be justified with a clear and concise assessment of what the return on investment is going to be.

In other words, when you make an investment into your business, you should expect a return.  This certainly applies to cloud computing, where a clearly defined ROI can be calculated and decisions to invest can be made based on well defined roadmap of business benefits.

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