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Are You Secure in the Cloud?


Anyone who reads this blog (or follows us on Twitter or Facebook) knows that we’re big fans of cloud computing, and many of our business customers are enjoying the many benefits of cloud technology.

People ask us all the time “is Cloud Computing secure?” and our answer is a resounding “it depends.”

Many of the most popular consumer cloud storage applications (Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive) are less than ideal for storing sensitive data, with Dropbox experiencing a number of well publicized security issues in the past year.

We don’t any of these concerns should rule out the use of these services by the average user, and they can be a great way to save, protect, and share files and data.  

But, we would certainly think twice before storing any sensitive information such as credit card, bank, or personal data. And, as with any online service, be sure to use a strong and complex password.

Business owners: cloud computing can offer numerous financial and operational benefits, but be sure to work with an experienced IT professional to design your cloud solution.

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