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It might sound like a strange dinner party at first blush, but bring your own device BYOD is a growing trend for business IT. 

It used to be that IT departments would drive technology, but that’s changed drastically since the release of more powerful personal devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android, and even Kindle products.  Users are now getting the cutting edge devices on their own, and they want to bring them to work.

Employees used to be “stuck” with whatever laptop or mobile device that was provided by their company, but now they are happily spending their hard earned money on whichever device they prefer.

This can be of great benefit to their employers, who are reaping the cost savings of having 53% of their employees carry the costs of their own devices.

Business owners thinking of their own BYOD policy should be aware of concerns around security acceptable use, especially companies that fall under compliance mandates.

Small businesses should work with experienced IT professionals to establish guidelines and policies around how company data is available on company devices.

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