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Getting Clear on the Cloud


Anyone who pays any attention to technology knows that the buzzword of the past 3-4 years has been “Cloud.”

Still, a lot of folks are still a little hazy on what exactly Cloud Computing is, so let’s try to take a look at it in some plain,everyday language.

Cloud computing is simply accessing computing resources on an as-needed basis using a connection like the internet. 

For example, how many of you run a giant email server in your basement in order to provide email addresses to you and your family? 

I’m guessing none.

That’s because services like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. provide excellent email services, often for free. These providers ARE running giant email servers (not in their basements,we hope) that you can access with even the simplest of internet connections.

That’s cloud computing.

Many of you are also using cloud computing to store pictures(Picasa, Photobucket), videos (YouTube), music (Amazon Cloud Player, iTunes),and files (Dropbox, SkyDrive).

Starting to make sense? Whenever you are accessing some sort of data or service via the internet, chances are you are using cloud computing.

The benefits of cloud computing can be even more profound for businesses.  The cloud can offer a significant improvement to your bottom line by changing the way you invest and pay for technology.  (Business owners,feel free to reach out to talk about this some more.)

We hope your understanding of cloud computing is a little brighter.

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